Core Programs

The club provides diversified activities that meet the interests of all young people and family members while enabling our youth to enhance their self-esteem and fulfill their potential. Boys and Girls Club are research based and based on successful youth development models.

  • Character and Leadership Development
  • Education and Career Development
  • Health and Life Skills
  • The Arts
  • Sports, Fitness and Recreation

Programs offered at the Boys & Girls Club strive to address the needs of the entire child.

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Current Boys and Girls Club Programs

  • Smart Moves (drug and alcohol prevention program)


  • Power Hour (homework assistance and educational enrichment)

  • Money Matters (financial literacy program)

  • Arts and Crafts, teen programs (Keystone and Torch club)

  • Career Launch (job readiness preparation) sports and recreational activities and summer programming.

Power Hour

Power Hour is an educational enhancement program that has 3 circuits. Educational enrichment activities in the form of Power Pages help with homework (personally and computerized assistance) and tutoring. The homework program is offered Monday-Thursday from 4pm-5pm. All students are encouraged to participate in the program. The program is also incentive based and is bound by a recognition system in which members earn Power Points. Power Points are awarded to members who have completed homework assignments or Power Pages (academic worksheets), participated in tutoring sessions, made good grades, had good behavior and school attendance. Earned points are posted and documented. The students are allowed to redeem in the “Club Store” for rewards.

Smart Moves

Smart Moves Is a proven program aimed at providing youth with resources to deter them from negative influences and helping them to make wise decisions. Both male and female members are encouraged to participate in the program. The program is offered year-round and is curriculum based. The workshops are facilitated by an array of experts. Focus areas for this program include workshops/activities that cover: anger management, conflict resolution, teen pregnancy prevention, substance abuse, bullying, personal hygiene and others. The Victoria Sheriff’s Department (G.R.E.A.T.), the American Red Cross, Girl Scouts, the Junior League and other agencies collaborate with our organization to make the program successful.

Money Matters

Money Matters In partnership with the Charles Schwab Foundation, the local Wells Fargo Bank, Victoria Bank and other entities, the youth are taught basic financial literacy from this curriculum based program. Experts from a variety of mediums facilitate different topic areas. Our intent is to teach our youth the importance of good spending and saving practices at an early age.

The Arts

The Arts As a part of our on-going efforts to offer balanced activities and resources to our club members, arts & crafts activities are offered to our youth. In addition, our organization offers a flag corps. program for interested members. Consequently, some of our members have progressed to the Flag Corps. units at Victoria’s East and West High Schools.

Lastly, the club offers a basic photography class for the youth to participate in. Some of the photos are entered into local competitions and the National Boys & Girls Club photography contest.

Sports and Recreational Activities

Sports and Recreational Activities Throughout the year we offer a variety of sports and recreational activities. Those activities include partnering with the YMCA and participating in their basketball league, our youth participating in Boys & Girls Club staff administered physical fitness activities, taking the kids hiking and fishing, participating in local fun runs and other related activities. During the summer, the youth are offered a free basketball clinic for one week by the Memorial High School basketball coach and some of his players.

Teen Programming

Teen Programming The Club also offers age appropriate teen programming that focuses on responsibility, life skills and community service. Within the life skills component, activities include college preparation, job readiness training and money management.

Torch Club

The Torch Club is for members between the ages 13-15 and the Keystone Club is for members between the ages of 16-18. Each respective club also grants members an opportunity to participate in teen summits and activities with their peers from other cities regarding issues facing teens their age.

The Mission of the Boys & Girls Club of Victoria is to enable all young people especially those that need us the most to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.

Programs offered at the Boys & Girls Club promote character and leadership development in a safe and nurturing environment In general, the “Club” offers our members safe refuge while their parents are still at work Research studies have proven that children engaged in positive after-school programs:

• Are less likely to use drugs, alcohol or engage in sexual activity
• Demonstrate improved standardized test scores
• Have better school attendance
• Accomplish better grades and levels of achievement in college
• In general, experience enhanced self-esteem

After School Program Hours

3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. – Mon. to Fri.

Office Hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – Mon. to Fri.

In alignment with Victoria Independent School District, we follow VISD Academic Calanders,and add The Boys and Girls Clubs of Victoria is not regulated by the Texas Department of Regulatory services and is not a day care program.